Oppose Gina Haspel as CIA Director

Oppose Gina Haspel as CIA Director

Tell the Senate to reject the nomination as CIA Director of Gina Haspel, who was deeply involved in the CIA’s post-9/11 torture program. Torture is a horrific human rights abuse, violates k’vod habriot (human dignity), and dishonors the image of God found in each person.

Please note that this action is intended for rabbis, cantors, and seminary students.

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8 months ago John ColemanSpringville, AL
8 months ago Harley DolesMonroe , NY
8 months agoRabbi Scott SlarskeyUniversity City, MO
8 months agoRabbi Yosi Joel GordonMendota Heights, UNITED STATES
8 months agoRabbi Michael FeinbergNew York, UNITED STATES
8 months agoRabbi Justin KerberUniversity City, UNITED STATES
8 months ago Adam BertrandEugene, OR
8 months agoRabbi John FriedmanDurham, NC
8 months agoRabbi Megan DohertyOberlin, OH
8 months agoRabbi Hillel GreeneNewton, MA
8 months ago Moeshe Rosenberg Cincinnati , OH
8 months agoRabbi CHAVA BAHLESuttons Bay, MI
8 months ago James ChavezEl Paso, TX
8 months agoRabbi Zari WeissSeattle, WA
8 months ago Josh Breitzer, NY
8 months ago Michael R. Boino, MSWNew York, NY
8 months agoRabbi Joshua GutoffWatertown, UNITED STATES
8 months agoRabbi Melissa SimonChapel Hill, NC
8 months ago Jean BinkovitzRochester, MN
8 months ago Karen BogardCincinnati, UNITED STATES
8 months agoRabbi Philip SpectreTel Aviv Yafo, Israel
8 months agoRabbi James RosenbergProvidence, RI
8 months agoRabbi Renni AltmanPoughkeepsie, NY
8 months agoRabba Kaya Stern-KaufmanRutland, VT